Roadside Britain by Sam Mellish shows the traditional and quintessential aspects of British trunk-roadside culture, with emphasis on location and environment, in a series of beautifully shot images from across the length and breadth of the UK. Depicting the people and places of a threatened livelihood, the images are by turns warm, nostalgic, quirky and melancholic, and have immediate appeal to anyone who has ever driven any distance along the country’s A and B roads.

In creating this work, Sam spent four years venturing along the UK’s many trunk roads to bring home a real taste of roadside Britain, with an innate desire to learn more about his homeland, coupled with a real love of the open road and a good cup of tea.

Sam learned 35mm photography at the age of 19 in Namibia, and his early career saw him working around the globe as a freelance chef before becoming a documentary and editorial photographer for the UK’s leading extreme sports magazines. At the age of 28 Sam returned to the UK to study for a Master of Arts in Photojournalism. He has since settled in London, where he has broadened his client-base to include some of the UK’s leading commercial brands, and he continues to publish and exhibit his work.